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Cookulator - FULL

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Yardımcılar Yaşam Tarzı Yiyecek ve İçecek
Geliştirici: Petra Dueck
2.99 USD

***IMPORTANT: LAST SUPPORTED VERSION - The functionality of this app is planned to be migrated to Cookulator LITE soon and make LITE the only version of Cookulator. This app will still work on your device as long as the iOS supports it but will soon not be available on the app store or for re-download or update. Please see Cookulator LITE for all future enhancements and updates.***


Cookulator Unit Converter is for super simple, one step cooking unit conversion. Just enter the amount next to one of the measurements listed, touch done, and the amount is converted to all the other measurements listed.

* Convert from one measuring unit to another (e.g. cups to tablespoons).
* Convert from one country’s measures to another. (e.g. UK to US).


- Convert to/from volume measures: cups, ounces, tablespoons, teaspoons, milliliters, liters, drops, dessertspoons, drams, dashes, pinches, smidgens, gallons (fluid and dry), quarts (fluid and dry), pints (fluid and dry), gills, and us food labeling units.
- Convert to/from weight measures: pounds, ounces, kilograms, grams, and stones.
- Convert to/from temperature measures: Fahrenheit, Celsius.
- Convert to/from measurement variances in 4 different countries: the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.
- One-step conversion: Convert one measure to all other measures on one screen with one click.


Most of the world measures their cooking ingredients by weight using the metric system but the English Speaking world prefers to measure by volume using cooking utensils and pre-metric measures. These can vary greatly from country to country. Cookulator is a tool for the English-speaking world’s cooks to use in converting recipes to and from the most common variances of utensil-based measures.